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Tacoma, WA                                      Philadelphia, PA 

Little Rock, AR                                  Fort Worth, TX
Norfolk, VA                                                                 


Little Rock, AR.  Something serious is occurring there with another week of excessive Flu and Pneumonia deaths showing 5.7 standard deviations over normal.  Two TV stations, a newspaper, CNN, and the AP have been contact but don't seem to understand the issues.
Little Rock suffers ~ 66 P&I deaths to this date yearly.  So far 241 deaths in 2015.

Latest Update

In the United Kingdom the government lists catastrophic terrorist attack and pandemic flu as the most potentially damaging/dangerous events.
Little Rock, AR

Residents should be concerned, highest death total to this week in the last 20 years, 200% higher death totals from P&I than the previous high year. Total deaths so far this year are 2053, 544 over the 20 year average of 1509.

Please click the following link to connect directly to the CDC data (be aware though that the CDC only makes the current year data available) CDC Data, Little Rock 2015

Little Rock, AR

Current Week
P&I Deaths  = 19
Average = 3.24
St Devs = 5.72
Comments on Little Rock

Little Rock is at critical levels.  Residents and at risk persons should take extra precautions.  Attempts to contact media outlets are underway.
Tacoma, WA 

Current Week
P&I Deaths  = 17
Average = 5.87
St Devs = 3.83
Comments on Tacoma

First week for Tacoma.  Heightened activity this season especially in Little Rock bears watching.
Norfolk, VA

Current Week
P&I Deaths  = 6
Average = 1.98
St Devs = 2.54
Comments on Norfolk

First Week now.  With the situation in Little Rock there bears watching.
Visitors to the Flu Activity page receive reported deaths and deaths attributed to Pneumonia and Influenza and these numbers are compared to the historical numbers for the time of year.  Cities with values significantly above their average are reported as well as cities that did not report for a week. 

The Flu Severity Tracker product is disseminated year round on our website. The system utilizes data provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Our database spans 19 years (and growing) of weekly data for the 122 cities monitored in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.  The Flu Severity Tracker's intent is to provide a brief and straightforward summary of the available data to allow individuals and organizations to easily assess the current situation.